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Banco San◆tander, Reps〓ol, and consulta●ncy firm KP●MG.It is the● first time Huawei○ Spain has b◆een recognize●d by the awa〓rd, which was give○n as a res●ult of the co●mpany's efforts to "◆attract and dev●elop talent and th●e advantageo〓us conditions it● gives its workers ●in areas suc●h as: strate●gy, pla

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nning o●f the workforce, on■-boarding, traini〓ng and development, ●leadership devel○opment, career mana●gement, co〓mpensation, benef◆its and cult〓ure."The Top■ Employers Inst■itute evaluates◆ a total of○ 585 "good practice●s" when ma●kin

g its judgements ●and, on a glob○al level, Hua●wei Spain was on●e of 1,200 compa◆nies around the w●orld to mak■e the list."This ●is a confir〓mation for Huawei 〓that what we○ are doing in te■rms of talent is go◆ing in the right● direction●. Certific◆ates such as Top○ Employers motivat●e us to continu●e developing ac■tions, such as o○ur recent s●trategy for at■tracting and develo●ping young talent■ called 'Choice◆s and Step○s' and our new tec■hnology training pr◆ograms, 'Lead◆ing in the L〓TE er

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a'," commented ●Maria Luisa Me〓lo, director of ins◆titutional relati●ons and communicat〓ion for Huawei Spa■in. Plea●se scan the○ QR Code to follow u◆s on Instagr○amPlease scan the Q●R Code to follow〓 us on WechatFormer■ Oculus VR head

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■ scientist ■to join HuaweiForme■r Oculus VR○ head scientis〓t to join HuaweiFor◆mer Oculus V●R head scien■tist to join Huawe●i12-30-201◆6 15:48 BJT●Steve LaValle,◆ the former chie■f scientist f■or Oculus who's○ now a pro〓fessor at the U

n●iversity of Illino●is at Urbana-Champ●aign, said on his Fa■cebook page tha●t he will join Hu◆awei as the ch■ief scientist of V〓R/AR/MR, in○ charge of gl◆obal research and pr■oduct devel◆opment.He Gang■, the head of ■Huawei Technologi●es' smartphone〓 unit, confi〓rmed to The Pape●r on Thursday● that LaValle will j●oin Huawei. ◆In June, He also s◆aid that Chin●a lacks VR/AR ta■lents and Hu■awei plans to○ recruit top ○technical ○experts from acros■s the world.■Oculus, a famous ●VR equipment maker〓, was acquired by ○Facebook in 2014.● Steve LaVal■le started working w○ith Oculus○ VR in Septembe●r 2012, and〓 has been the chief ◆scientist of Oculus ■till January 2015.■He developed hea●d tracking me◆thods based o○n inertial measurem●ent units (IM■Us) and computer v〓ision, led a● team of perceptua●l psycholo■gists, and pr■ovided solution◆s for virtual re〓ality calib〓ration system and ○user experienc〓e comfort ■design.He is 〓also a co-inv●entor of Oculus SDK● and helped Oculu○s develop two core t◆echnology pate○nts.LaValle ■said Huawei is ●a global bu■siness company, a〓nd China

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